Field Day

The Council's Field Day offers growers a guided tour of the research trials involved in the Minnesota Canola Production Centre (CPC). Hosted by the CPC site agronomist, the tour features a comprehensive, in-depth look at the year's research trials. For 2022, the Council's 25th year of CPC management, research trials included: variety and systems comparison; seed shattering; micronuntrient fertility management; Roundup resistant weed control with an integrated soil and post emergence weed control systems; and evaluation of novel seed treatments for enhanced flea beetle control. .

Field day was held Wednesday, July 20 along with the always popular Canola Hackers Golf Scramble. The CPC tour began at 9:45 a.m. and was followed by a burger basket lunch at Oakcrest Golf Club. The Canola Hackers Golf Scramble began at 12:15.

The 2022 CPC was located on Magnusson Farms west of Roseau, MN.

CPC Agronomist Donn Vellekson
CPC Site Agonomist Dave Grafstrom
CPC Agronomist DonnVellekson leading plot tour
CPC Field Day participants
CPC Field Day participants
Minnesota Canola Production Centre