Golf Scramble

Immediately following field day, in what has become one of the most anticipated events of the year, the Minnesota Canola Council hosts the annual Minnesota Canola Hackers Golf Scramble. Growers, extension specialists, and industry representatives vie for the $200 first place prize and the highly coveted title of Canola Hackers Champion.

Special prizes are awarded for the longest drive, longest putt, closest to the pin, longest marshmallow drive, and the kid's putt. The afternoon ends with clubhouse refreshments, socializing, a short awards ceremony, and a pig roast dinner. Past winners are shown below.

Golf Scramble 2023 1st place Golf Scramble 2023 2nd place
2023 1st Place (L to R): Jarod Strand,
golf fan standing in for Kurt Weston,
Scott Erickson, Jason Smith
2023 2nd Place (L to R): Aaron Olafson,
Ben Vatnsdal, Conner Millner
(Not pictured: Joe Vatnsdal)
Golf Scramble 2022 1st place Golf Scramble 2022 2nd place
2022 1st Place (L to R): Jason Smith, Scott Erickson, Jarod Strand, and Kurt Weston 2022 2nd Place (L to R): Gracie Millner (caddy), Conner Millner (Not pictured: Ben Vatnsdal, Aaron Olafson, Markas Dahl.)
Golf Scramble 2021 1st place Golf Scramble 2021 2nd place
2021 1st Place (L to R): Rick Jensen, Will Czeh, Steve Czeh (Not pictured: Lee Sorenson) 2021 2nd Place (L to R): Tony Brateng, Steve Dahl, Matt Millner (Not pictured: Jordan Anderson)
Golf Scramble 2019 1st place Golf Scramble 2019 2nd place
2019 1st Place (L to R): Richard Anderson, random golf fan, Glen Johnson (Not pictured: Steve Czeh, Randy Wahlstrom) 2019 2nd Place (L to R): Robert Foley Jr., Richard Magnusson (Not pictured: Paul LaPlante, Jared Strand.)
Golf Scramble 2018 1st place Golf Scramble 2018 2nd place
2018 1st Place (L to R): Will Czeh, Steve Czeh, Chad Helgeland, Lee Sorenson 2018 2nd Place (L to R): Gabe Magnusson, Markas Dahl, Conner Millner, Zach Johnson
Golf Scramble 2017 1st place Golf Scramble 2017 2nd place
2017 1st Place (L to R): Chad Helgeland, Steve Czeh, Rich Anderson, Randy Wahlstrom 2017 2nd Place (L to R): Jim Foss, Brian Snyder, Donn Vellekson, Will Hulst
Golf Scramble 2016 1st place Golf Scramble 2016 2nd place
2016 1st Place (L to R): Jarrad Strand, Will Czeh, Steve Czeh, Billy Hagen, Randy Wahlstrom 2016 2nd Place (L to R): Anders Lindegard, Nick Lindegard, Jeff Bergh, Cameron Mortenson
Golf Scramble 2015 1st place Golf Scramble 2015 2nd place
2015 1st Place (L to R): Billy Hagen, Steve Czeh, Lee Sorenson, Randy Wahlstrom 2015 2nd Place (L to R): Jeff Bergh, Nick Lindegard, Cameron Mortenson, Nick Anderson
Golf Scramble 2014 1st place Golf Scramble 2014 2nd place
2014 1st Place (L to R): Lee Sorenson, Steve Czeh, Billy Hagen, Randy Wahlstrom 2014 2nd Place (L to R): Joe Johnson, Jim Johnson, Aaron Johnson, Tyler Johnson
Golf Scramble 2013 1st place Golf Scramble 2013 2nd place
2013 1st Place (L to R): Randy Wahlstrom, Steve Czeh, Lee Sorenson, Bill Hagen 2013 2nd Place (L to R): Danielle Storm, Jim Johnson, Tyler Johnson, Aaron Johnson
Golf Scramble 2012 1st place Golf Scramble 2012 2nd place
2012 1st Place (L to R): Bill Hagen, stand-in for Lee Sorenson, Randy Wahlstrom, Steve Czeh 2012 2nd Place (L to R): Jim Johnson, Tony Brateng, Amy Brateng, stand-in for Bryan Polowski

2011 1st Place - (L to R) Matt Millner, Tony Brateng, Amy Brateng, Steve Dahl.

2010 1st Place - Stand-in for Mark Wilson, Lee Sorenson, stand-in for Sam Carr, Steve Czeh.

2009 1st Place - Steve Czeh, Lee Sorenson, Jimmy Foss, A.J. Erickson.